Our Story

 Our Story

ToTsFrishion started out as an epiphany to make a difference in the feminine world. The vision was born after the death of my biological mom at age 12 to leukemia leaving a desire to use her death as an impact to the world. ToTsFrishion integrates culture into contemporary fashion by offering quality bold print accessories inspired by African culture at affordable prices. With the desire to create cultural awareness especially in working environment and also impact lives positively, the Nigerian born Iyanu Adegbite, launched ToTsFrishion. 

(Iyanu Adegbite - Founder of ToTsFrishion)


The name "ToTsFrishion" is an integration of the names of three women who made an impact in my life (Iyanu Adegbite); two of which, has transitioned into glory as a result of Liver cancer and Leukemia. The first "T" was obtained from the first letter of "Titilayo Ashimi," who was my godmother while alive. The letter "O" from "Oyewumi Adegbite," who was my biological mother and also resting in glory. And the second "T" represents "Tokunbo Aliu-Adegbite" - the mother provided to help nurture/raise me to become the woman I am today. "Fri" was obtained from the word "Africa" and "shion" from "fashion." The name, ToTsFrishion is a constant reminder of how these three amazing women impacted my life. Each of them taught me to be determined, resilient, to fail then rise again, and most importantly to always follow my passion. I have engraved these principles in my life and would want to share it with all the women in the world. To teach them to own their lives, chase their dreams, and be whoever God has ordained them to be even if the world says otherwise. 

 Titilayo Lekan-Ashimi

Titilayo Lekan - Ashimi (August 8 1964 - May 11 2010) -

(Remembered for her generous and selfless attitude. Always willing to lend a helping hand even at her own cost. Through her, I learned the importance of generosity and how to always reach out to others).

Oyewumi Adegbite (March 25 1963 - November 26 2008) -

(Her last words to me were "You know you are created for greatness, never think less of yourself and always strive to be the best." And these words have been my backbone and now the anchor for ToTsFrishion. At an early age, she taught me how to independent and be the leader I am created to be.) 

Tokunbo Aliu-Adegbite - (Dearest mother, thank you for loving me and for taking me as your own. You've engraved so much in me and who I am today is as a result of your love).


By shopping at ToTsFrishion, you are fulfilling a little girls dream of continuing a legacy, which is to impact the world around her.

And because we source our products ethically, you are recycling back into the community and being a part of the mission to change lives. Although we might be located in the United States, we advocate for connecting back to the roots. In addition, each product has a unique meaning behind it so be sure to read its description before purchase. 

So dear Queen, I encourage you to wear our products with pride, always remember you were created for greatness, shoot for the stars, and never think less of yourself. 

With love,

-ToTsFrishion, INC.



To impact lives while bringing culture to the hearts of this current generation


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