My Why...

Hi everyone, its Iyanu Adegbite! I would like to specially welcome you to ToTsFrishion latest and first blog. Yayyy! If you've not read the story behind ToTsFrishion, I  would like to encourage you to do so. The vision is greater and you stopping to check us out is beyond appreciated. My goal is to connect with everyone, build relationships, and create an opportunity for cultural awareness in our working environment and in our community as whole.

I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse by profession. And at the time when the company was launched, I was the only black nurse on my unit, which sparked part of the mission. I noticed the lack of cultural diversity in most hospitals, especially in the Labor and delivery specialty. I am passionate about obstetrics nursing as much as I am about wax print, which is why some of our products are ethnically related. My hope is to use the products from ToTsFrishion to create an avenue for culturally inspired conversation.  

I hope by creating this space, you and I can create a change in our own little world where questions can be asked, knowledge can be shared, and advised can be seeked. 

Thanks again for taking time to read this and see you on the next post!


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